Green Resources

Looking for more information about green initiatives? Here are some helpful links to federal, state, county and local green resources.California State and Federal Government Resources

California Energy Commission - the state's primary energy policy and planning agency 

California "Flex Your Power" Program -partnership of California's utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations working to save energy.

California Integrated Waste Management Board - Sustainable Building - opportunity to use resources efficiently while creating healthier buildings

California Solar Initiative  - "one-stop shop" for information on rebates, tax credits and incentives for solar energy systems in California.

California Sustainable Building Task Force - helping educate consumers and make government more efficient, effective and accountable for all California taxpayers.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Green Building Program -  programs that provide resources to help learn more about the components of green building

 U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Star Program -helping to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

City and County Initiatives

City of Anaheim -latest information about a greener Anaheim for your family, business and environment

Building Industry Institute - create and adopt new energy efficient, renewable energy opportunities and applications.

The California Center for Land Recycling - focused on creating sustainable communities by identifying and implementing responsible patterns of land use and development.

The California Green Building Program  - the effective and cost-effective green building program for production builders and California homebuyers.

Energy Design Resources - help make it easier to design and build energy-efficient commercial and industrial buildings in California. 

Global Green USA works in cooperation with business, government, individuals and non-governmental organizations to foster a global value shift toward a safe and sustainable world.

Green Home Guide connects you to advice, information, and green professionals.

An innovative source of high quality water provided for our economy and residents at the Orange County Water District

Southern California Edison - continuously works to prevent or reduce the environmental impact of producing and distributing energy.

Southern California Gas - help people save energy at their homes and businesses, invest in new technologies, and support organizations dedicated to the environment.

U.S. Green Building Council -community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone

LEED Information and Rating System -independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.

Bike Nation - A self-service rental system that allows travelers to get around with bicycles instead of cars, often in conjunction with public transit.


Carbon Counter -  Find out how to offest the emittion of carbon dioxide

Carbon Footprint - see your effect on the environment and calculate your carbon footprint Green Meetings - one-stop information source about green meetings.

The Green Meeting - daily Information for sustainable meetings, conventions, trade shows, incentives, transportation, hotels and destinations

Sierra Club of Orange County - working to protect the environment through involvement

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